CMD - Portuguese Association of Wood Construction and derivatives, aims to bring together all those who are interested in wood construction and its derivatives: designers, engineers and architects, project directors, builders, manufacturers, producers, consultants, interveners in research and teaching activities.   Among the competencies of CMD can be highlighted Resource and information centerManagement of a resource center for professionals and their associatesEditing technical informationAvailability of databases with technical informationTechnical advice Promotion and CommunicationIndustry promotion in civil society, universities, polytechnics and training centersInformation library of for teachersNews edition to the pressPromotion and dissemination of good practice in the industryStatistics publication TrainingOrganization and support of specialized training courses and technical seminarsPromotion of traineeshipsVisits to reference works Among the actions launched and / or planned, we highlight the cycle of lectures "Wednesdays of Wood", the seminar "Building with wood" and the workshop "Wooden Spatial Knits."


NCREP - Consultancy and Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Lda. is an office that provides consultancy, monitoring and design services in the field of rehabilitation. In its approach to rehabilitation, NCREP follows an integrated methodology, focusing on detailed knowledge of the constructions, as result of inspection and diagnosis and performance analysis through safety assessment tools.   This integrated methodology can involve laboratorial and on-site tests, numerical simulations and monitoring. This process is developed according to the latest international recommendations, thus minimizing the impact on the buildings, in a compromise between functionality, safety and safeguard of the built heritage.   It was the common interest in the rehabilitation area and the wood as constructive and structural element that joined Portilame and NCREP, in a synergy that has taken the first steps through the experimental evaluation of the mechanical behavior of simple and double Tabique walls.   This is an exploratory campaign aimed at evaluating the mechanical behavior of simple and double Tabique walls, using models built full-scale, and the tests will take place in the Engineering Laboratory (LESE) at University of Porto (FEUP).   This campaign will extend and deepen the knowledge on structural performance of these walls, currently regarded as separating elements without significant bearing capacity.   The result of the first phase of this assay can be found here: Tabique walls have positive note in compression tests.

Mima Housing

Mima Housing is a company with a modern concept that focuses on architectural parameters and in their conversion to reality, under the form of simple and accessible products. It intends to be more than an architecture office, and wants to implement a brand new philosophy of simplification and seduction that will gradually apply to the most varied scales of architecture.   This company's audacious concept fits with our values and that's why we created this synergy.   The modular system is our common project, and all the MIMA HOUSING wooden houses are constructed entirety by Portilame, which has all Mima Housing support and collaboration. The final product is the result of this synergy; two companies from Viana do Castelo.   Portilame multidisciplinary team and advanced technology, combined with Mima Housing innovative concept allows the building construction with a very high quality.   Among the projects developed based on this partnership, we highlight the renowned designer Philippe Starck house construction, that you can know more here, and the construction of the House of Comporta, which you can check here.  

University of Minho

Portilame supports University of Minho in scientific tests performed on wood structures, providing materials required for these tests.


The only representative of Portugal on the Solar Decathlon Madrid 2012 was "Casas em Movimento"(CEM) project, designed by architect Manuel Vieira Lopes (Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto).   Of the nearly 200 projects worldwide submitted in the competition, 20 were selected to exhibit and compete in Madrid, the project “Casas em Movimento” was one of them.   From the first moment Portilame supported the project by providing all the necessary resources, facilities, technical staff and know-how, to make the project a success.   From drawing up of projects and technical solutions, to the pre-execution of the prototype in our facilities and coordination of all specialties in the construction of the prototype in Solar Decathlon in Madrid, we were always there for the purpose of participation to be achieved, and it was!   Links: "Casas em movimento" website Entities involved House developed in Madrid [SD Europe] Solar Decathlon'12 [SD Europe] Reference article [inhabitat]   Porto Canal - television report


A group of young architects and engineers rebuilt a building at no cost at Ribeira, in Oporto, with the collaboration of 40 companies and entities.   The adventure began when they won a competition launched by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.   The support of Portilame to the project Arrebita! went through the supply of the necessary materials for the execution of the rehabilitation works carried out by this team.   It is a good example of the sense of Social Responsibility that Portilame has assumed. Interview with Pedro Cunha


The City Council of Viana do Castelo has demonstrated its support for enterprising entrepreneurs of Viana do Castelo.   Provision of public space to expose the Woodenquark house.   To know more about WoodenQuark, see this article.

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