Hello Wood – The architecture and design festival that cultivates talent

Hello Wood is a creative, professional and social program that seeks to teach students to think with their hands and to learn from experience.

What started in Hungary in 2010 as an art camp for students of architecture and design, has turned into a unique art festival, involving more than 20 universities and 38 countries, and looking for sustainable and replicable models to achieve social benefits and improve the quality of life through architecture and design.

This festival integrates several fields of architecture, design and science, promotes learning based on creation and focuses on developing a community and cultivating talents. Here, students are challenged to build using wood and other sustainable materials, being guided by renowned international professionals. All projects are shared, developed and built in a collaborative process, promoting the interaction of students from various areas and institutions.

Hello Wood in numbers

+20 events

+38 countries

+1000 students

+300 professionals

+60 universities

+100 completed projects

This year, during the month of March, at Hello Wood Argentina, in Ceibas, 160 km from Buenos Aires, students had the opportunity to experience not only an intense experience of the community, but also a methodology of learning how to do.

Hello Wood believes that teaching students in situations oriented to presence and action results in socially conscious and civic future generations.

During the week-long camp, 11 installations were carried out, with workshop leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Holland, Paraguay and Uruguay. This year’s theme was Superpositions – the overlapping of concepts, materials and experiences is an essential part of Hello Wood, as the program offers a unique opportunity to connect generations of architects with different professional and cultural backgrounds through building, sharing knowledge and innovative thinking.

Source: Hello Wood

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