Australia will have the world’s tallest wooden tower with sustainable design

sustainable project

A multinacional australiana de softwares Atlassian apresentou aquela que será a sua nova sede em Sidney, Austrália.

A project that will become the tallest wooden tower in the world, of hybrid construction, with 40 floors spread over 180 meters in height, and the ability to substantially reduce carbon emissions and operate with 100% renewable energy from day one and include solar panels integrated into the facade.

The project signed by the architecture studios SHoP, BVN and Eckersley O’Callaghan, is part of the company’s commitment to achieve zero emissions by 2050 and should be completed in 2025.

Combining the use of wood in large quantities, the skeleton of this new building will be steel to incorporate a facade that will allow you to take advantage of Sydney’s temperate climate to help reduce carbon emissions and generate energy. By opting for the hybrid structure with wood, reducing the use of materials such as cement, the building will have an indirect volume of emissions associated with its construction up to 50% less compared to traditional construction.

The tallest wooden tower in the world will include a combination of external and internal spaces, provide natural light and use natural ventilation and large areas of vegetation that provide access to natural spaces for greater energy efficiency.

Source: Idealista

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