Treetop Walk Serralves considered one of the most relevant projects in 2020


Architectural Record magazine, the oldest American magazine of architecture and design, highlighted the Treetop Walk, from Serralves Park, as one of the most relevant landscape projects in the world in 2020.

Founded in 1891, Architectural Record presents monthly articles on architectural works and interventions that mark architecture and the global landscape, being considered the biggest reference in the register of architecture in the last 125 years.

Every year, its editors highlight projects from five continents. The Treetop Walk, along with seven other projects, was one of the references of 2020.

In an article illustrated with images by photographer Fernando Guerra, who highlight the dialogue between the Treetop Walk and the wooded landscape of the Serralves Park, Carlos Castanheira, the architect responsible for this project, says that “The idea was already there. I just needed to find it “.

In the same way, the architect describes his satisfaction with this elevated structure, taking advantage of the irregular topography and allowing to see the floor from the top, as if transmitting a feeling of depth instead of height. “It is almost as if it were the land that escapes at our feet”, describes Carlos Castanheira.

Asked about the challenge of building a structure of these dimensions and complexity in such a dense green area, Castanheira points out that it was “a surgical operation”, with no trees being cut down on the site. “It seems to me that (…) it was always there. (…) And that was the intention”.

For PORTILAME, responsible for the construction of this structure, it is a pride to see that this project also stands out across borders.

Source: Architectural Record

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