A wooden hut to disconnect from the world

A wooden hut to disconnect from the world

Lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland. It is precisely in this fantastic setting that we find Kynttilä, a wooden hut measuring just 15 m2 located near the Russian border and close to the city of Savonlinna, whose main function is to host guests.. Still, it can also be used as a meditation space or summer house.

At first glance, it stands out for its peculiar shape, with a gable roof and a glass end that allows you to enjoy the wonderful views over the lake.

It is made of laminated wood(CLT) and clad with larch boards on the outside – the CLT is exposed indoors and also on built-in furniture, such as the bed, which is at one end of the glass.Kynttilä is located in virgin forest, and the architects planned the construction process to have the as little impact as possible. The CLT parts were prefabricated off site and a temporary road was built for a day just to bring the big parts in a truck and place them together with the big glass frame.

Source: Idealista

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