Wood, the perfect material for building schools

Wood, the perfect material for building schools

Most of our childhood memories are from school. According to a recent study, “each year, children spend an average of 1,300 hours in school buildings.”

But even with all the changes experienced, especially with regard to online education, it is remarkable that school projects remain very similar to models, in some way, outdated.

Ideally, the typology of educational spaces and the configuration of classrooms should be adapted to more contemporary ways of teaching and learning. All surfaces and materials have an important influence on both the well-being and learning of students.

Deficient acoustics can impair the knowledge acquisition process, interfering with attention and worsening communication between student and teacher. Another key factor is indoor air quality. According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) adequate indoor air quality is an important component of a healthy environment and can help achieve the main goal of educating children. Polluted indoor air – something that is more common than we think – can trigger respiratory illnesses and even impair the ability to perform tasks that require concentration, calculation and memory.

For these and other reasons, when specifying the materials for a new construction or renovation of a school, it is essential to pay attention to several variables that will significantly contribute to the users’ quality of life.

  • Several researches have shown that the resilience and versatility of wood make it a very suitable building material for schools, helping to create safe, healthy and inspiring environments.
  • Research carried out between the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations concluded that the visual presence of wood inside buildings helps to reduce stress levels for users.
  • Wood’s sound attenuation and absorption provides valuable acoustic benefits – creating flexibility in your application, from a gym to a library.
  • Another point that can have a positive impact on the choice of wood for schools is the reduction in construction time.

Source: Archdaily

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