“Recovery and Resilience Plan – The priority to urban rehabilitation”

"Recovery and Resilience Plan - The priority to urban rehabilitation"

The “Recovery and Resilience Plan – Priority to urban rehabilitation” will be the first debate at the conference of the Week of Urban Rehabilitation in Lisbon, to share the main concerns of construction and real estate, in which urban rehabilitation is a priority.

In this debate, it is important to understand how and when the expected support will arrive; what challenges are posed as a society and how we should take advantage of this opportunity; and how to leverage the new funds for sustainable rehabilitation.

The Lisbon Urban Rehabilitation Week will be broadcast online, free of charge, through the swapcardvirtual events platform, innovating to continue to ensure participants and sponsors a successful event.

Topics such as the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the priority given to urban rehabilitation; the challenges of sustainable architecture or the recovery of tourism after the pandemic will be highlighted in the main sessions of the event.

Source: Notícias ao Minuto

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