The world’s largest wooden structure will be built to reduce carbon emissions

Maior estrutura de madeira do mundo, Suécia

To reduce Sweden’s carbon emissions produced by the forestry industry, the Swedish studio Anders Berensson Architects decided to build the largest wooden structure in the world in the country. The project, entitled Bank of Norrland, aims to store one year of wood production and its carbon dioxide equivalent, ensuring the continuity of the Swedish construction and manufacturing industries regardless of climate and consumption.

The Bank of Norrland has an innovative architecture that preserves natural resources: instead of burning wood to produce paper or fuel – as is currently practiced – the structure will allow the storage of wood for future use. This type of process will thus prevent the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What will be the largest wooden structure in the world will extend over a cubic kilometer and will contain around 900 million logs, which corresponds to close to 330 million cubic meters of wood. Será construída com a sobreposição de toras, formando paredes que se cruzam para criar cubos estáveis. The logs are dried and monitored closely to avoid shrinkage in the structure.

Source: Archdaily

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