Construção – PORTILAME | Projeto – Mima Housing


Creative ways of living and being

The construction of wooden houses continues to receive increasing interest from consumers.

One reason for this, is the speed with which our customers are able to profit from their investment, since we are facing a type of construction that allows its use more quickly than conventional systems, about 1/3.

Everything is customizable down to the last detail, being possible, even in modular constructions, to choose the function of each space and its materials.


The foundations of countless possibilities

PORTILAME designs, produces and places structures with the most diverse shapes, geometries and dimensions, in different types of wood.

The results of studies carried out in the sector boosted the regulations in this area, providing a better knowledge and use of the qualities and properties of wood, with numerous advantages over competing materials such as steel or concrete.

Without a doubt, no one is indifferent to large structures built with a material as noble as wood!

Structures – PORTILAME | Project Carlos Castanheira | Photo by Fernando Guerra


Analysis and design of
wooden structures

We do the analysis of wooden structures, flat and spatial, through realistic modeling, taking into account the properties of materials, loads and combinations.

These services are provided in the structuring of industrial, housing and commercial buildings, whether they are new wooden structures or rehabilitation of existing structures. We carry out stability projects for wooden structures, as well as structural licensing projects.

We also convert conventional structural projects (concrete, iron, masonry, among others) into wooden solutions.


Innovative ideas and sustainable solutions

The construction systems of the historic buildings and its state of degradation are many.

The intervention options are considered by PORTILAME’s technical staff, specialized in rehabilitation, which allow the execution of rehabilitation works throughout the country, mainly in the country’s historic centers.

We carry out the rehabilitation of the existing structure, intervening occasionally with structural reinforcements for the implementation of new structures taking into account the existing and / or intended construction system.

We turn your ideas
into reality