At PORTILAME, since 2004, we let ourselves be seduced by the natural beauty of wood, enhancing its use as the main building material.

From designing, engineering, monitoring, producing and assembling, we offer highly specialized and flexible solutions, as requested by each customer.

  • We design, dimension, produce and build wooden structures;
  • We develop stability projects;
  • We rehabilitate buildings and structures;
  • We design and build wooden houses;
  • We sell wood for resale or to the final consumer.

We have a qualified team with the capacity to develop solutions that meet the needs of each client.

We have technologically advanced equipment, which allows us to design and build with the highest quality standards.

We value the creativity, integrity and team spirit that characterize those who work with us and whose posture makes the difference.

In order to provide a service with the highest quality, our facilities are prepared and equipped with top resources.

The continuous improvement in distribution capacity, the increase in stock, the need for organization, maintenance and expansion, are some of the factors that make us continuously progress in terms of our infrastructures.